Accounting & Payrol

Why Accounting & Payroll by Premian?

  • Because you want an optimal budget;
  • Because you want to be updated about the news on fiscal facilities and legislation;
  • Because you want confidentiality.

How do we do it?

  • We write the financial documents in legal terms;
  • We keep the attendance lists and/or other documents in order to establish the rights of the individually contracted staff;
  • We offer all the documents required to the client by the 10th day of every month.

What do we offer?

  • We offer personalized accounting and payroll packs.


Why assessment by Premian?

Because you want to find out what is the level of competencies of your employees from an objective point of view.

How do we do it?

We use measuring and analyzing instruments to evaluate the staff. Also, we handle the administrative activities like testing, scoring and interpreting data.

What do we do?

  • We offer you a report of the interpreted results of applying the instruments;
  • We propose a personalized action plan based on your company’s needs.

Personal File Audit

Why audit by Premian?

  • Because it is important for every employer to organize his own archive of employees’ personal files according to the reviewed and modified version of the Law no. 16/1996 regarding national archives;
  • Because we know that documents must be preserved in archives in the company for a period of minimum 5 to maximum 49 years.

How do we do it?

  • We check the personal files;
  • We implement corrective actions;
  • We check the implementation of the corrective actions (the second audit).

What do we offer?

We create a general register of the employees that contains all the personal files of your company’s staff.

Annual Salaries Benchmark

Why Annual Salaries Benchmark by Premian?

  • Because you want to know if your employees receive suitable salaries;
  • Because you want to know what’s your position compared to your competitors;
  • Because this instrument will help you establish favorable salaries in order to motivate your actual employees and attract new ones.

How do we do that?

First we prepare a market research and then compare the salaries offered by the competitors. After that we choose the right salaries for your company and prepare the proposal for your company.

The Premian contractors will talk about every step in details when the service is requested.

What do we offer?

Personalized analysis packs plus benefits packs according to your industry.

Career Coaching

Why Career Coaching by Premian?

  • Because you want to change your career path;
  • Because you want a job that suits you;
  • Because you want to be happy with your job.

How do we do it?

  • We get to know each other in order to be able to draw you “map of change”;
  • We establish the personalized and favorable path for you taking into consideration how fast you want to get to the final destination: your dream job.

What are the goals of the meetings?

  • In order to take a step further on your path, we recommend that you change one thing every day.
  • We want to make sure that you don’t get lost in the map, so every meeting will have an analysis and planning purpose.
  • Each of us has a different pace when talking about making changes, which is why the number of meetings is not predefined.

Performance Coaching

Why Performance Coaching by Premian?

  • Because the results that you have now no longer satisfy you;
  • Because you feel like you’re not making any progress;
  • Because you want to be remarkable;


  • We identify your needs;
  • We create a plan;
  • We guide you to apply the steps of the plan as agreed.

What do we do?

We establish meetings that have a well defined purpose and objectives for increasing performance.

Financial Consultancy

Why Financial Consultancy by Premian?

  • Because you want strategies to reduce your budget;
  • Because you want to optimize the taxes that you pay;
  • Because you want to plan your budget efficiently;
  • Because we bring added value by understanding specific elements from your industry due to our competencies and dedication. The Premian contractors have 10 years of experience in financial services and have had over 230 companies as clients.

How do we do this?

  • Our main means of communication are the e-mails and phone calls; we offer efficient solutions in a very short time through this ways;
  • We use measuring and analysis instruments.

What are your benefits?

  • We respond to all your requests;
  • Personalized packs that are characterized by flexibility.

Legal System Consultancy

Why Legal System Consultancy on the Labor Code by Premian?

  • Because you want fast solutions;
  • Because you want to be profitable;
  • Because the experience of over 8 years of the Premian contractors, demonstrated by the diversity and pragmatism of their solutions, will bring added value to your company.

How do we do this?

  • We offer consultancy either through e-mails and phone calls, or we meet you at your office;
  • We use both Romanian and English languages;
  • The deadlines are set together; we promise to hand in precise and prompt solutions in the shortest time possible.

What do we offer?

During 12 months there are 130 hours of assistance needed as follows:

  • 20 hours during the first month for reviewing and writing labor law documents;
  • 10 hours every month for the other 11 for general assistance of labor law.

Feedback for CV and Motivation Letter

Why choosing Premian?

  • Because we simplify and make it easy for you;
  • Because we want to get to know you to reach the objectives set together;

How do we do this?

We create and improve the CV and motivational letter together with you in order to have a satisfying result.

What do you receive?

  • The CV in the right format according to the information of your past 2, 2 to 5 or over 5 years of experience so that you can apply for any job you want;
  • We make profiles for 2 job websites from Romania;
  • We create/update the LinkedIn and Facebook profiles.

Performance Management

Why Performance Management by Premian?

Because you want to improve your company’s efficiency and performance by putting the right people in the right place in both management and execution layers.

How do we do this?

We identify the optimum performance indicators for every layer and position in your company.

What do we do?

We create a report about the level of performance of every employee and the company overall.

"Psiho" Service

Why “Psiho” Service by Premian?

  • Because you want to experiment and develop yourself.
  • Because you want a psychological service for support, development and therapy.

How do we do this?

  • We plan online or face to face meetings;
  • We divide the time considering the small objectives that will solve great challenges.

What are your options?

We offer a variety of packs according to the type of intervention. The frequency of the meetings is flexible and will be adapted to your needs.

  • Evaluation meeting (60 to 90 minutes)

It involves the analysis of the social and familial context of work. Also, during this meeting the therapeutic relationship is formed.

  • Interventional meeting (90 minutes)

This kind of meetings are established when an employee from your company is dealing with functionality disorder.

  • Emotional calibration meeting (60 minutes)

This meeting will help the employee release the accumulated tension.

  • Support and assistance (30 minutes)

Your employee will be provided with support and assistance related to doubtful decisions.

Social Security

Why Social Security by Premian?

  • Because you want to identify possible danger situations and evaluate risks;
  • Because you want to have a good plan for emergency situations that your employees will know how to implement;
  • Because you want your plan to be created respecting the Labor Law.

How do we proceed?

  • We create a plan to prevent and protect what is checked periodically;
  • We organize periodically trainings about employee safety and emergency situations.

What packs do we offer?

There are two packs available:

  • Services for Work Health and Security;
  • Services for Emergency Situations.

Talent Management

Why Talent Management by Premian?

  • Because you want to find out what is the level of dedication of your employees and you can make it increase.
  • Because you want to discover and keep the top talents from your company.

How do we do this?

  • We identify the talented persons by applying a process meant to evaluate competencies;
  • We can recruit new employees – optional.

What will you receive?

We deliver a management report of talents where you can find:

  • The level of involvement of your employees;
  • The level of leadership in your company;
  • The level of dedication to the company and how you can increase it;
  • Suggestions for improving performance.

We can also recruit new employees for the positions where we observed that need improvement talent wise if you request that.

Career Orientation

Why Career Orientation by Premian?

  • Because we will help you plan your career taking into consideration your abilities, motivation and personality;
  • Because our specialist will provide you with competent information that you can integrate in your personal development;
  • Because you will find your strengths and abilities that you didn’t know that are necessary for certain jobs;
  • Because through our help you will figure out what are your desires regarding your career;
  • Because we posses instruments that will help you make an aware choice;
  • Because you will discover your resources and you can use them whenever you want.

How do we do this?

The first step is to identify your abilities, personality and character traits, motivation, but also personal professional purposes. After that you can seek professional domains that fit you. Having gone through all the steps, you will be able to make the right choice for yourself. At the end you will receive a personalized plan that will help you reach your goals.

What do we offer?

We offer you a personalized plan and clearer image of your path to a satisfying career, the opportunity to become aware of your strengths and discovering what you need to improve to reach the desired performance. Also, the career orientation process will be adapted to your desires and motivation so that in the end you can feel a whole change integrated in your personal life as well.

Operational Leasing

Why Operational Leasing by Premian?

Because you want to have the costs included for:

  • The value and depreciation of the car;
  • CASCO and RCA insurances;
  • Taxes;
  • Maintenance and tires;
  • Reparations, replacements, door to door services;
  • Interest rates and other administrative taxes;

Because you want to have financial and fiscal advantages.

Because you want to reduce financial risks caused by fiscal and legislative modifications.

Because you want to have flexibility granted by an adjustable contract and the possibility of anticipated returning the car.

Because you want to be safe and enjoy comfort.

How do we do that?

We identify your needs and create the most suitable offer for you according to them.

What do we offer?

We hand to you an offer adapted completely to your needs that includes the costs of the services mentioned above.

“Firstly I’d like to thank you for the information delivered at the free workshop, I have received useful information that I will surely apply in my daily activity.

I will definitely participate to the next seminar/marathon, I am waiting for the details from you colleague. As a networking man, I will recommend it to the other collaborators of this marathon also.”

Dan Domnica, ASIS

“Thank you for the training you held last evening and for the time spent with us, I liked it and I am happy that I was there. Your different approach impressed me. In comparison with other trainers, you focused less on delivering a lot of information and more on practical exercises that make it easy to learn/understand the applied information as well as the participants’ mistakes.”

Ruxandra Ion, EVOPRIMES

“I am the one thanking you for my participation to your workshop. I left with a pile of business cards and a pile of great ideas – completely pleased. I will get back to you with my full opinions on LinkedIn as well, but for now YOU’RE AWESOME!”


“Aside from the fact that they’re very well prepared, they offered us the chance and possibility to learn not only about business life, but also about the personal life.”


“You do what you do very well!”


“They are great organizers and professionals in terms of Team Building.”


“Thank you for your support. I have learned to trust more my colleagues and myself. I have learned to be better.”


“It was a welcome test. It showed us the weak points, but also the strengths.”


“I was a novel, but very useful experience.”


“Bravo! You are extraordinary!”


“Congrats for the creativity!! Thank you for what you succeeded to help us discover about ourselves and our colleagues.”


“Good luck in what you do! Lots of success! You’re very good.”


“Active, foamy, strong, ingenious. They opened a new path in my way of thinking related to my relationship with others, they knew how to do it professionally. They’re the best and I’m happy I met them.”


“Climb higher! I think that this program is one of the most challenging in my life. I believe in you!”


“Thank you for the availability that you showed during the Team Building. The trust in myself and in my colleagues has already started to improve.”


“I liked it very much, it was the first but not last Team Building, attractive, fun, you managed to make me focus for a long time. I like that you are young and very relaxed when speaking in front of the audience. (PUBLIC SPEAKING – I admit that I lack this skill).”


“Thank you for the assistance you offered to the FRAROM I’NAL EST team. Thank you for giving us all the support needed to be a united team. You two make a team that can speak through looks and that helps you but also us. In the beginning I thought you will help us, but not this much. You’re brilliant!”


“The concept, the serious approach, the attention to details and what interests the client makes me congratulate and appreciate you, continue my collaboration for the next team buildings with you, but more importantly to recommend you to firms that want added value.”


“The meeting with Premian was like tasting food that has a sophisticated name in a luxury restaurant. First you smell its aroma, then you spoil yourself with a bite and in the end you order it again.”


“Amazing experience. The games for the team built by the facilitator were energizing, exciting, mobilizing. Mission successfully accomplished = fantastic team that acts like one, motivated, enthusiastic, performing. Congratulations! It was fantastic!”

Cristina Mariana Opariuc, DAL CONSULTING SRL

“Congratulations for the quality and professionalism of the Premian team. You performed beyond my expectations! I have experienced the the best team building until now! You managed to determine us to get to know each other better and consolidate our relationships and we thank you for that!”


“Life is short! Which is why it’s good to stop and evaluate, meditate, correlate, plan. This weekend was a “stop” for me: even if life is short, the team building made it matter!”

Mihaela Ambrosie, DAL CONSULTING SRL

“To form a team is just the beginning, to stay together is progress, to work together is success.” – Henry David Thoreau

“In only 3 days the team spirit exploded. This is the spiritual connection between the members of a team that is the base for working together!”


“The 2 days spent together helped me replace the word try with can, to not make assumptions regarding people and to say thank you more often. I have spent quality time together with beautiful people from which I’ve learned something every day. Thank you, Premian team, for the optimism and positive vibe transmitted in those 2 days!”


“It was the best fun from which I’ve learned not something…but much more. Thank you!”


“Meetings should be shorter and split in two days.”

Cristina Gheorghe, BIOLIN FAM SRL

“The same schedule, another day with other colleagues that have gathered the maximum amount of value offered with passion and professionalism by the Premian team. Thank you for an enthusiastic experience and you’re welcome to come back.”

Liliana Balan, BIOLIN FAM SRL

“In this beautiful day I was able to gather a lot of new information that will help me a lot in the future.”

Iosif-Andrei Gogu, BIOLIN FAM SRL

“They are a very good team, they did their job very well: good luck.”

Constantin Rotaru, BIOLIN FAM SRL

“As good professionals they made a great impression and we had a lot to learn from them: to be more optimistic, enthusiastic and appreciate my colleagues and team work.”

Loredana Doboș, BIOLIN FAM SRL

“In this wonderful day I’ve learned many new things: teamwork, communication, to be happy with ourselves and the team and to thank the client.”

Adelina Butnaru, BIOLIN FAM SRL

“Good professionals. I felt really good with you and I had fun today.”

Ioana-Dana Apostol, BIOLIN FAM SRL

“Today I’ve learned that I need to listen to my intuition, move on, always become better than yesterday, to trust all my colleagues.”

Ana-Maria Tabac, BIOLIN FAM SRL

“I have learned important things that will improve our day to day activities.”

Paula Murariu, BIOLIN FAM SRL

“Congratulations for the professionalism and enthusiasm that you showed. The dedication and enjoyment that you put in your work is admirable but also enviable. Keep it up! Good luck in everything you do.”


“I highly recommend the Premian team for their professionalism, the confidence that they have when they transmit information and the passion that they show when speaking.”


“I felt extraordinary, I feel like I can change for the better starting with attitude, behavior to communication. I feel like I can be even more involved and I can be more useful to the company.”

Adrian Vicol, BIOLIN FAM SRL

“Thank you for everything that I managed to learn at this training. All three of you were extraordinary. Keep being as energetic and excited as you were today.”

Iulian Melinte, BIOLIN FAM SRL

“I respected and appreciated the professionalism and the love that they transmitted when they talked about a different and positive way of thinking and career development, but also in the personal lives.”

Dragoș Alexandru Moinescu, BIOLIN FAM SRL

“I am happy that I participated to this training. I admit that I learned a lot! I will apply everything that I learned here in my day to day life.”

Eduard Ignat, BIOLIN FAM SRL

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